About Coil

What is a Coil?

A coil, also named as an inductor, is an important component in electric circuit. A coil is a passive component using to store energy in the form of magnetic energy when the current flows to it. It has the function to keep the current constant. A coil is used in all devices of electronic including in Mobility Industries as well.

Why a Coil is important in Mobility Industry

In the mobility industry, a coin has been using in the motor and the electric component in automobile. With the future business trend of mobility toward the using of electrical vehicle, we have been organized to support high quality coils including Global Security Verification to ensure the safety. We believe that with our high precision quality and varies types of coins, we ensure that our values customer will receive the best product.

Applications of Coil in Automotive Industry

Coil Solutions

Business solutions of Coil with Nagase Thailand

Nagase Thailand, we are the partner with the T.I.T Electronic Co., Ltd. We commit to provide the business solution to your industry with the experience to support customer in Thailand and overseas include Japan, American, Poland and India. Our partner utilizing 40 years of experience on producing high-density precision coils to provide the best product with including technical support to customer.

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