Personal Data Privacy Policy For Clients and Customers

Personal Data Policy

Nagase (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is aware of the personal information rights of all clients and customers. And will strictly control the personal data and information of all clients and customers of the company get the utmost protection and security against the personal data & information. Therefore , the company has announce the personal data privacy policy to protect the personal data & information of all clients and customers as follow.

Collection and Treatment of Personal Data

All information related to all clients and customers will be used for the purpose of operating a company business correctly accordingly to the laws and for the purpose of management completely and occupational health benefits for the safety of all clients and customers.
If the clients and customers chooses to provide a necessary personal information for a service or business purpose. such as full name , address , e-mail address , phone number , fax number , identify card number , and including othes personal data & information. The company will keep those information as confidential according to the standard of personal data & information treatment. All of the personal data & information will be retained throughout the period that the clients and customers still continue to use the service with company or as required by laws. And your personal information & data will be destroyed at the end of service or the clients or customers requested to destroy only.

Disclosure of Personal Data

The company attached great importance to the security of all clients and customers personal information and data. And also respects to all clients and customers privacy rights. And the company will not allow the clients and customers data & information to be disclosed.
In additional to the employees who are authorized by the company and third parties with clients and customers permission to access the personal data & information. And will prevent personal data & information from being use without the permission. In addition, the company will not disclose your personal information to the third parties or any other parties unless

  • 1. The company has obtained the consent of authorized are requested by each clients or customers to disclose personal data & information.

  • 2. The provision of such information is to enable the provision of the service as by each clients or customers desire.

  • 3. Disclosure of such information are required by law or relevant by government agencies.

Announced on 8th March 2021
Mr.Kenichi Kurimoto
Managing Director